Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to do a CBT if I already have a car licence?

If you passed your car test before 2001 then you can ride a moped without doing a CBT. Otherwise, yes, you'll need to do a CBT.

How long will my CBT certificate last for?

Two years.

Can I ride a 125cc moped on a car licence?

A 125cc is not a moped. A moped is defined as a bike no bigger than 50cc with a maximum design speed of 31mph if you have category 'p' on your licence or 28mph if you have category 'AM' on your licence. A 125cc bike is a motorcycle and falls under motorcycle regulations therefore you'll need a CBT certificate before you can ride it.

Is a theory test needed before doing a CBT?


Do I have to do another CBT when I am 17 so I can ride a 125cc bike?

No - the CBT certificate you have from when you did your CBT at 16 is valid for two years and will allow you to ride up to 125cc when you turn 17.

Can I ride a manual transmission bike even if I do the CBT on an automatic?


Can I do a CBT if I have a European licence?

Yes, but you'll either need to swap your European licence for a UK licence or you can apply for a D91 form to accompany it. You can do that by using a D9 form which can be downloaded HERE.


Full licence

What test category should I be taking?

Minimum age requirements are:

Category A1 (allowing you to ride up to 125cc bikes) - 17 years old
Category A2 (allowing you to ride up to 35kW / 47bhp bikes) - 19 years old
Category A (allowing you to ride any bike) - 24 years old

What are the requirements for taking a full-licence course?

You must have a valid driving licence, a valid CBT certificate and a valid DVSA Motorcycle Theory Test certificate.

I've already taken the car theory test - do I still need to do the bike one?

Yes - the bike theory test is slightly different in content.

How many days should I have?

Our course length recommendations on the Full Licence Courses page are built on over 15 years of experience - pick the one which best describes your riding background. Contact us if you're not sure.

Do you have lowered bikes for shorter riders?

Yes - we have a specially lowered Yamaha XJ6N ABS. We always advise coming to sit on the bikes before committing to a course. Contact us to arrange.

Can I use my own motorcycle?

Yes. We discount the course by £10 per day. Make sure your bike has been approved for test first. The current list of approved bikes can be found HERE.

How much do you charge if I fail my test?

We charge £60 for instructor time and bike use and the test fee - £15.50 for Module 1 and £75 for Module 2. If you wish to have additional training then further days are discounted to £120/day.

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