Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Courses run 7 days a week.

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Your first step...

To get on the road you need a CBT certificate*. This qualifies your provisional motorcycle licence. If you're 16 this will allow you to ride a moped (50cc restricted to 28mph). If you're over 17 you can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle (power restricted to 14.6bhp).

The certificate is valid for two years. You can renew your certificate indefinitely by retaking a CBT course, or you can get your full licence.

The day consists of 5 elements:

  1. Element A - Introduction

  2. Element B - Practical On Site Training

  3. Element C - Practical On Site Riding

  4. Element D - Safety Talk

  5. Element E - Practical On Road Riding

On successful completion of the course you'll be issued a Certificate of Completion of Training (DL196).

We start the day at 9am and the finish time is dependant on the group size and riding ability, but a typical finish time would be around 4-5pm.

We can supply all necessary equipment and clothing - you'll just need to show up with your UK driving licence (provisional or full).

Make sure you bring a packed lunch, or money to buy it - the Hamworthy Club has a fantastic restaurant. 

We run courses 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays. 

Course prices are as follows:

£130 using your own bike

£140 using a school bike

We ask for a £45 deposit to book and the balance is paid on the day.

Prices included fuel, insurance, equipment and clothing.


Valid UK driving licence (full or provisional car). Need one? Apply HERE. You will also need a basic understanding of the Highway Code.

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01202 006350
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DVSA approved motorcycle training body (ATB)


*took your car test before 2001? You don't need to do a CBT to ride a moped.